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Art competition in Kathmandu : : Initial counseling training for the staffs : : Art Therapy : : Blood Donation Program

Antardristi Outline
Antardristi work in the field of mental health, and aim to empower youth and children to overcome various psychological problems and lead healthy lives. Established in 2003, Antardristi Nepal has three residential centers in Kathmandu (2007), Pokhara (2008) and Hetauda (2010). All three centers offer teacher sensitivity training, community outreach, awareness classes and mothers' groups.

Antardristi's residential centers also take in children who are in need of victim support and counseling. The main goal of Antardristi is to provide counseling services to victims of child sexual abuse and allow these children to have a brighter, safer future. The children Antardristi care for live in the center for one year and are provided with food, shelter, access to education and counseling. Antardristi also provides parents of a victim with support and access to vocational training to assist them in providing a stable environment for the child when they return home.